All day BBQ potluck, games, and nerd talk

Bring food (main dishes, side dishes, chips and dip, etc.), bring refreshments (Mountain Dew and Creme Soda seem to be favorites), bring a game you’d like to share, if you wish.

The canopies are up and the BBQ is out!

Robyn has a -lot- of board and card games.

If you don’t play games, that’s fine, too. I love to talk nerdy. I or one of the other OlyMEGAns there are always available for technical questions/help. 

We have a rec room for games, and a living room for talking. My laptop is connected to a 32 inch TV next to a whiteboard, so we can play with Sketchup, Arduino programming, etc.

If you think you might make it, -please- RSVP. When only one or two people say they are coming, I think it discourages people from coming, especially new members. We usually have at least a half-dozen there at any one time.

We do have two cats, so please watch your feet as one is not good at getting out of the way and may try to dash outside just because people are there. Both are very friendly.

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