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 Possible game: "Chemist-Try?" 
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I. Can use unlimited Single Bonds in your compound.
II. Can use unlimited stacks of Double Bonds IF presented with at least one
Single Bond in your compound.
III. Can use only ONE Triple Bond in your compound PER element type.
IV. Each Player has a limit of 1-type of Alkali, 2-type of Alkaline,
4-type of Transition Metal, 8-type of Lanthiniods, and 16-type either
8 Poor Metal/8 Non-Metal (16-type total) of each of the Five players of
his/her choosing.
V. No player may use Radiation as to destroy their opponent's compound;
Exceptions to this rule only apply if decaying elements WITHIN a Player's
compound exceeds the REMs counter of such chemical element.
You may use either of these three types of Radiation variables:
a. Alpha Radiation. b. Beta Radiation. And c. Gamma Radiation.
This is probably the most confusing (but not the hardest) part of the game,
radioactive Chemicals can only square off either when they have the same type of
Radiation - or if the half-life decay of one of the three is near-equal.

Board Set-up:
Since this is a strict 5-player game. All Players must start out with Choosing,
Formulating, and ultimately Scuplting their Compound(s) Which at the near-
end of the game will mean forming (for each of their own) a Chemical
If the Player who forms a Chemical and sets it in the Octagon, their Chemical
one-at-a-time, OR if the Player wishes to have a Bonus - sets of Chemicals
set from Mulitple Players can achieve the Bonus. Though only one Player will
ultimately get the Bonus if applicable and get a Chemical Game Win.

Explaination of Board Set-up:

There are 5 Hexagons, and 1 Octagon.

Each player claims 1 Hexagon on which the platform of their initial compound
must actuate and turn into their own personal Chemical; Their Chemical does
not have to reflect their Hexagon start.
The Octagon is merely a "petry-dish" for a formula battle based off all the
combined knowledge of each player's ability to formulate a Chemical
Square-Off. Which will either land a Bonus/EndBonus and/or Dessolve Win.

/// Points System ///
Dessolve Win: 1 Point.
Bonus: 2 Points.
End Bonus: 3 Points.
Radiation Meltdown: 5 Points.
/// ///

Probably the most important 'rule' is How-To-Play. Now don't get giddy and jump right in, because you'd need to be a Rocket Sciencist to figure that one out!


Each player starts choosings different or the same elements, there is no real time limit (unless you want to have something extreme like that).
Player 1 starts with choosing elements that can bind into a compound, using their imagination - Player 1 gains a compound initially based on the Hexagon that they have.
Player 2 may want to start off for example with repeating bonds of one chemical element, forming a pattern that becomes a mineral form.
Player 5 may do a complex string of plaster-like compound, leading to an un-gurarrenteed Chemical win.
Player 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 must follow the same steps as in any game, have a plan to reach the goal: Use math to formulate their elements into compound(s) and into their Chemical.

Basically the game revolves around keen knowledge of chemistry and math.


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I'm not much for games, but it sounds interesting. My wife is very much into games, if you have something put together, consider bringing it to the Potluck Game Day we hold once or twice a month. This month it is Saturday June 17, usually it is the second Saturday.

It sounds like a great way to get sharp with chemistry.

Steve Greenfield AE7HD

Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:25 pm
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